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5 Best Scooter for Ladies in 2020

  • 12-03-20
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For a country like India, two-wheelers are extremely convenient. Women are active consumers in the purchase of non-geared two-wheelers as they are convenient and affordable. Thousands of females use two-wheelers every day to commute within the city daily. On the one hand, men prefer performance and style, whereas women on the other hand safety, comfort, and practicality. As a result, two-wheeler companies are launching vehicles, specially designed for women. Here are the top best scooter for ladies in 2020

Honda Activa 6G (BS6)

The latest Honda Activa 6G was launched in 2020 in India. The vehicle is BS6 compliant and comes with six new exciting features as compared to the previous model. Mentioned below are the features of the new Honda Activa 6G specs like mileage, specifications, among others that make this vehicle one of the best-selling scooters in India. The scooter comes with specific features like:

  • A 12-inch front wheel
  • External fuel lid
  • Engine start/stop button
  • Underseat storage
  • LED headlamp
  • 3 step adjustable rear suspension
  • Fuel injection

The ex-showroom price of the Honda Activa 6G STD is Rs 63,912, whereas the Honda Activa 6G DLX is Rs 65,412. The scooter boasts of a mileage of around 45 kilometers per liters, which is extremely impressive. It comes with a displacement of 109.51ccs and a maximum power of 7.68PS @ 8,000 rpm. It weighs 107kg, with an 8.79Nm @ 5250 rpm torque. The fuel capacity of the tank is 5.3 liters. The front wheel size is 12-inches, whereas the rear wheel comes with 10-inch. The wheels are made of steel metal and are tubeless.

Suzuki Access 125 (BS6)

The Suzuki Access is amongst India’s 1st 125cc non-geared vehicles. Its powerful engine had created a roar in the market. As of now, Suzuki Access 125 is one of the highest-selling 125cc scooters in India. Moreover, they have now upgraded it to the BS6 model, which comes with its own set of exciting characteristics like:

  • Dual luggage hook
  • External fuel lid
  • Powerful and stylish headlamps
  • USB mobile charger
  • Allow wheels
  • An eco assist illumination feature
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Telescopic suspension

The vehicle comes in five variants starting from the Drum Brake Variant at Rs 64800 to the Special Edition Disc Brake Variant at Rs 69500. The scooter gives a mileage of an impressive 53 kilometers per liter. The fuel tank capacity of this beast is 5 liters and the vehicle weighs 103 kgs. Additionally, it has features like a maximum power of 8.6PS @ 6750rpm, maximum torque of 10Nm @ 5500 rpm, and a displacement of 125cc. The vehicle has tubeless front and rear tires of 12-inch and 10-inch size, respectively, and is made of alloy.

TVS Jupiter BS6

Launched in 2013 in India, the TVS Jupiter scooter comes with sporty appeal and has become a favorite among both men and women. Its modern features and a practical appeal is ideal for females. Currently, competing with Honda’s best selling Activa, the TVS Jupiter comes with Fuel injection and is BS6 compliant. Listed below are the key features of this vehicle:

  • Metal body
  • LED tail lamp
  • External fuel fill
  • USB charger
  • Eco meter

TVS Jupiter BS6 comes in three models with Jupiter BS6 at Rs 61,449, the Jupiter ZX BS6 at Rs 63,449, and the Jupiter classic at Rs 67911. It gives an approximate mileage of 60kmpl, has a fuel capacity of 5 liters, and weighs 108kgs. It comes with tubeless tires with alloy wheels and a thickness of 12-inch and 10-inch for front and back, respectively. Additionally, its maximum power, and torque is 7.89PS @ 7500rpm and 8.4Nm @ 5500rpm respectively with a displacement of 109.7cc.

Yamaha Fascino FI 125 (BS6)

Yamaha Fascino is stylish, convenient, and now BS6 compliant with various exciting features. It comes with Fuel Injection features and a 30% more powerful engine. Additionally, the manufacturer boasts of an increase in mileage by 16%. We have compiled all the amazing features of this stylish vehicle:

  • Telescopic suspension
  • One button stop & start
  • Front disc braked accompanied by UBS
  • Massive under-seat space- 21litres
  • Engine cut off when on the side stand

The Yamaha Fascino comes in two variants and is among the best two-wheelers for ladies in 2019. The Fascino Disk model is at Rs 68930, whereas the Fascino drum model is of Rs 66430. The vehicle gives a mileage of 58 kilometers per liters and has a displacement of 125cc. The maximum power and torque are at 8.2PS @ 6500rpm and 9.7Nm @ 5000rpm, respectively. Weighing at 99kgs, this beauty has a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liters. The wheels are made of sheet metal, are tubeless and have a thickness of 12-inch and 10-inch front and rear, respectively.

Piaggio Vespa

One of the oldest scooters in the world, Piaggio Vespa, came with facelift and feature updates. Known for its vintage look with modern features and a powerful engine, this Italian brand was re-launched in 2012 in India and soon became a favorite among women. The scooter got massive popularity among the youth and those who have a conscious buying habit. Apart from unique colors, the scooter boasts of the following features:

  • Alloy wheels
  • Central lock braking system
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • ABS in 150cc Models
  • Digital console
  • Broader tires

The Vespa scooter has a variety of models with different prices. Mentioned below is the price list for the same, ranging from low to high:

  • Vespa Notte 125 – Rs.74,831
  • Vespa Urban Club 125 – Rs.74,831
  • Vespa LX 125 – Rs.79,078
  • Vespa ZX 125 CBS – Rs.83,191
  • Vespa VXL 125 CBS – Rs.92,977
  • Vespa SXL 125 CBS – Rs.96,278
  • Vespa VXL ABS – Rs.1,03,729
  • Vespa SXL 150 ABS – Rs.1,07,781

The scooter provides a mileage of around 45 km/l. The scooter comes in 125cc and 150cc displacement. The weight and fuel capacity for both displacement models are the same with 114 kgs and 8 liters, respectively. Additionally, Vespa scooter comes with alloy tubeless wheels.

These are the top five picks for best two-wheelers for ladies in India – 2020. All these scooters have amazing features and are very convenient to handle. They are great for ladies, especially for working women as they provide good mileage and are stylish at the same time. Also, it is recommended to do your thorough research and take a test ride before purchasing any scooter. This will give you a fair idea about the balance, height, and weight of the scooter.

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