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  • 22-06-20
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India is bestowed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world that are ideal for a road trip. From mountainous terrains to highways along the coastline, we’ve got it all. The road to Leh Ladakh is one such terrain that has become a biker’s favorite over the past few years. Snowcapped mountains, thick forest cover and seemingly never-ending roads illuminated by warm sunrays make it one of the most spectacular sights you’ll ever witness. Along with its beauty, the terrain also gets challenging with narrow roads and bumpy stretches which makes it nothing but more exciting. If you are a biker looking to explore the beauty of road travel, you should start planning a Leh Ladakh bike trip right away. The first step towards planning this trip is selecting the right motorbike. Here are the top 5 bikes that are known to be the best choice for a Leh Ladakh bike trip:

Royal Enfield Himalayan:

This bike was specially designed by engineers for the difficult roads of the Himalayas. It is known amongst the biker community to be an off-road-beast. This bike is powered by a 411-cc air-cooled engine which gives it immense strength. The bike is designed in a way that helps in tackling the most difficult of terrains with ease. The perfectly positioned foot pegs and accurate seat height make the ride comfortable and do not cause any strain on the body. This bike is available in beautiful stylish colors that you definitely want to be seen riding. The Royal Enfield Himalayan therefore tops the list of best bikes for a Ladakh trip without any doubt. Many other Royal Enfield bikes are also a preferred choice of bikers for mountainous terrains, but Himalayan is the best of all.

Duke 200:

Duke by KTM is a stylish range of bikes that has been a favorite among the country’s youth since the past few years. The Duke 200 is powered by a 195-cc engine and has a fuel tank capacity of 13.5 L. This bike has a quick acceleration capacity that makes it ideal for a long journey. It has a high seat which makes you look like a badass bike rider from the movies. The gearbox is quick and immediate shifts won’t hamper the smoothness of your drive. This bike has a perfect balance of power, comfort and youthful style which makes it an ideal pick for the terrains of Ladakh. The sound of the engine revving every time you switch on this bike is sure to give you a massive adrenaline rush and get you ready for the challenging road ahead.

Bajaj Avenger:

The Avenger by Bajaj is a bike with a classic look that is sure to attract attention on roads. This bike is powered by a 220-cc engine with oil cooling capacity which does not let the engine heat up. The bike has a low and long seat that gives extreme comfort which is necessary while going on a long trip. Although the reviews on this bike are varied, it is a prominent choice amongst bikers looking to explore the roads in style. Bajaj also offered special FLG rides to bikers a few years back and helped them gain experience of various Indian terrains while riding the Avenger. Most of the bikers who went on this trip were convinced with the abilities of this bike and it was a massive hit. Pick this cruiser bike for your trip to Leh Ladakh and be assured of a satisfactory ride.

Yamaha Fazer:

Fazer by Yamaha is an extremely sporty bike that has gained popularity amongst bikers since it was launched. This bike is powered by a 250-cc engine and is fit with wide tyres giving better grip. The superior grip offered by the tyres and the unique design make it fit to qualify as a bike for the hilly regions. The Fazer features Yamaha’s all-digital speed console which includes full LCD displays for the speedometer, tachometer, and trip meter and indicator lights. The modern features of the bike and fresh colors make it look extremely stylish and one of a kind. The tyres of this bike are tubeless which helps in avoiding extreme flatness during the time of a puncture. All in all, this bike is the right pick for people who are not looking for a cruiser style bike while going on a road trip.

Pulsar 220:

The Bajaj Pulsar has not lost its charm amongst the bikers in India since its launch in 2007. This bike is powered by a superior 220-cc engine and its large fuel capacity offers exceptional mileage. This machine is known for its capacity of handling pressure smoothly which is the most important feature for a mountainous bike. Throughout the years this bike has gone through many upgrades and refinements that have added greatly to its performance. Along with its great mileage capacity and sporty look, this bike promises a memorable trip to Leh Ladakh.

Best time for a bike trip to Leh Ladakh

The months between May-October are known to be the best time to take this magnificent trip. Being one of the highest regions in the country, the weather is never extremely hot. The winters can get harsh and make the roads unfavorable and dangerous to ride. Many tourism companies offer specially crafted road trip options to Ladakh during this period. It goes without saying that no matter what time you pick, the beauty of the place will always be mesmerizing. The only factor that should be kept in mind should be the conditions of the roads that can drastically change due to extreme weather conditions.

The above-mentioned bikes are a unique pick from various categories of bikes that can be used to go on this trip. All these bikes are easily available on rent at reasonable prices. No matter what your pick is, a road trip to Ladakh will surely be a life-changing experience. As a passionate biker, this road trip is something you cannot miss out on.

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