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Bike Rental vs Bike Purchase: The Pros and Cons

  • 08-12-20
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“Motorcycles” are a mode of transport that is not only affordable but equally deemed as Zen and hip by people who ride them. The feeling of Zen and the notion of cool and invigorating is miles apart, yet motorcycles have aced in both departments. Motorcycles are up-to-the-minute; bikes are irrefutable. The bike rental services are picking up as bikes are deemed adventurous and hip, and any young adult feels a rush when they think about owning a motorcycle. Motorcycle tours to places like Ladakh and other high terrains are a dream for any person who wants to experience the feeling of adventure and knowing how small one is in this vast wide world.

Nowadays, you find Bikes rental services provided by many agencies who cater specifically for rentals. This is an excellent thing as it gives motive and zeal to young adults and adults to make use of the existing bike rental services and discover the world rather than live inside and have seen nothing. One can use online bike rental platforms to book their bikes.

Renting vehicles has been in the market for a long time now, however renting a two-wheeler like a motorbike is rare and very fresh in the market now. The craze for bike rental is from young adults who want to ride expensive bikes, go for that long-planned tour through the adventurous terrains in Himachal, or simply because of a simple necessity.

Consumers are troubled about whether they should invest in a bike; in a situation like a pandemic looming over everyone, the motor industry, too, had taken a toll. However, since the borders are opening, bike rental is increasing as people want to travel safely and not by buses and public transport as the risk of contact is expediently higher. Many people do not want to invest their massive chunk of money by buying a bike when there is no job guarantee.

There are specific considerations one should follow if one is considering to rent or purchase a bike:
The cost of renting a bike is way less than purchasing one. For example, if a person wants a bike for a brief tour, and not permanent, is it not smart for him to rent a bike instead of buying it. The cost of a bike should justify the number of times you use it. If you ride the bike every day to work, the college makes a complete sense to purchase a bike. However, if using it just thrice or even 6-7 days a month just for leisure and not out of necessity is your call, renting is the best bet.

People often buy bikes for special occasions and a yearly trip to the mountains for their peace and calm. You can easily rent a bike from the bike rental agency that will cost minimal and give you better service as the engine is always running and the rental company is liable to a good bike experience for you.

If you want Vespa that Blair and Serena rocked in Gossip girl, then bike rental option is not for you as there are minimal choices as far as bikes and two-wheelers go. You wouldn’t find a sports bike on rent that you experienced in Dubai out in the Indian bike rentals nearby. If these are something, you like you should probably purchase than rent a bike. You can find a sports bike in specific bike rental stores, and you can even find some options for electric bikes on selective bike rental stores, now that many people are moving to buy a sustainable mode of transport.

If, however, you plan to use good bikes that are easy on the eyes and give good mileage, and perfect for your travelling needs, you can find plenty in bike rental at exceptional price points. There is no need to shell 1lakh rupees to buy a bike you will use for that one trip for five days a year.

If you earn well; you have the budget for expensive bikes and two wheelers parked in your garage, and bikes for you is an item of pleasure more than a necessity, then there is no harm to buy a bike; you can even buy a bike online now. Many people love big beautiful customized bikes, and purchasing a bike gives you the freedom of adding bits and bobs of customization.

Bikes can also be very inconvenient during the monsoons; in a rental bike service, you can return the bike and not use it those months, saving you a lot of time and precious money. Bike rentals can be an issue if you need a bike every other day, or during emergencies, if your requirement is such, always jot down the pros and cons before deciding which options weigh heavier.

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