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  • 13-05-20
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With latest tech inventions flooding the automobile industry, we have reached a point where we now begin to use smartphones to communicate with our cars. The beauty of the automobile inventions timeline is as such that no single person can take credit for it. If we browse the internet to find out who invented the […]

  • 12-05-20
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What is it like to be a part of a biking group?

For many owning a bike or being an avid biker is not just about traveling from one destination to another. Over the years there have been many biker communities recognized all across the world. To be a part of a biker group is like having an extended family and existing with individuals who have the […]

  • 16-05-20
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The perks of leasing/subscribing a bike over buying one

Today, we live in a world where a possible problem can have multiple ways of being solved. All we need to do is be informed enough to pick a smarter and better route. If you have ever dreamt of riding a bike, but have also thought of it as a huge investment, it means that […]

  • 29-01-21
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Electric Vehicles: The Gateway To An Air Pollution-Free Country!

Out of the ten most polluted cities in the world, India is home to six of them, the capital being one of the most affected. An alarming fact! According to a survey conducted in 2017, air pollution, causing one in every eight deaths in the country is a leading factor of global mortality and morbidity. […]

  • 01-06-20
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Easy hacks for motorbike maintenance

As a motorbike owner, one is always keen on having their vehicle in the best shape. Owning a motorbike is something to be proud of, but is not exactly a hassle-free job. To maximize the output of your motorbike, regular maintenance is necessary. But following a strict maintenance schedule can sometimes be hard and time-consuming. […]

  • 22-06-20
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India is bestowed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world that are ideal for a road trip. From mountainous terrains to highways along the coastline, we’ve got it all. The road to Leh Ladakh is one such terrain that has become a biker’s favorite over the past few years. Snowcapped mountains, thick […]

  • 10-05-20
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The importance of hygiene while travelling post Covid-19 and how the world will never be the same again

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept us all off our feet. It was an experience which none of thought would ever be coming our way. From work from home to e-learning, the pandemic has resulted in a complete change in the conventional method of doing things. As the world still battles this deadly disease, we’re sure […]

  • 18-03-20
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The future of Travel Bloggers post COVID-19

Travel blogging as a profession is a fairly new one. It has probably only been 2 decades since people began relying on the internet for suggestions and tips for travelling. There was a significant amount of increase in the number of people who began documenting their travel for others around the world to watch. For […]

  • 18-03-20
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Future of automobile industry post the pandemic

The automobile industry includes two-wheeler, four-wheeler, passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles. In 2018-19, 4.06 million cars were manufactured and at present around 32 million cars run on Indian streets. The two-wheeler segment dominates the industry with a share of 80 per cent. The Indian automotive sector was already struggling before the Covid-19 crisis. It saw […]

  • 08-06-20
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The coronavirus outbreak has drastically affected our lives in many ways. Thousands of people across the globe are staying indoors, which has caused a major downfall in the economy. Like many other, the automobile sector too has taken a huge blow since businesses have come to a standstill. Motorcycle manufacturers and dealers across the country […]

  • 18-02-21
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Reducing your carbon footprint by driving an EV – Rent one!

We, as a people on a global scale, are heading into a path which diverges in any of two ways. Firstly, we continue to use fossil fuels for an extended period, which could destroy our environment and potentially cause unnatural amounts of harm to the flora and fauna. The second option is for us to […]

  • 14-03-20
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The enchanting terrains of India

India is a land blessed with beautiful climate and the most breath-taking landscapes. There is nothing more interesting than being a zealous biker in India. If we look at the terrain map from different mountain ranges in India, it is sure to cause an adrenaline rush among the enthusiastic bikers in the city. From beautiful […]

  • 15-06-20
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With the pandemic, the downfall of the economy and the over-burdening of health care systems, it is easy for us to forget the environmental threats we are facing. Increased pollution across the country has led to a drastic rise in temperatures and depletion of the ozone layer. This will have a long-term effect on our […]

  • 08-12-20
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Bike Rental vs Bike Purchase: The Pros and Cons

“Motorcycles” are a mode of transport that is not only affordable but equally deemed as Zen and hip by people who ride them. The feeling of Zen and the notion of cool and invigorating is miles apart, yet motorcycles have aced in both departments. Motorcycles are up-to-the-minute; bikes are irrefutable. The bike rental services are […]

  • 18-02-21
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5 Reasons why the energy sector should invest in EV charging

After years of taking advantage of the world’s natural resources, we are now finally moving towards a more sustainable and renewable ecosystem. Many of our gadgets and buildings are powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind energy. When it comes to vehicles, those powered by petrol or diesel are slowly becoming […]

  • 25-05-20
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Will Public Transport ever be safe again?

Public transport buses and metro rails in India are known to be jam packed with people. Thousands of people across the country use public transportation facilities everyday to get to work or run their daily errands. Mumbai locals and Delhi metros are especially known for the huge crowds that flood the compartments daily during working […]

  • 18-05-20
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The beauty of a Road Trip

The first thing that comes to mind when plan a vacation with family or friends is the destination. There is an innervoice that reminds us that the farther it is away from home, the more fun it would be. Instantly, we find ourselves checking out train or flight tickets and start planning the dates convenient […]

  • 12-03-20
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5 Best Scooter for Ladies in 2020

For a country like India, two-wheelers are extremely convenient. Women are active consumers in the purchase of non-geared two-wheelers as they are convenient and affordable. Thousands of females use two-wheelers every day to commute within the city daily. On the one hand, men prefer performance and style, whereas women on the other hand safety, comfort, […]

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