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Category: Covid 19

  • 08-06-20
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The coronavirus outbreak has drastically affected our lives in many ways. Thousands of people across the globe are staying indoors, which has caused a major downfall in the economy. Like many other, the automobile sector too has taken a huge blow since businesses have come to a standstill. Motorcycle manufacturers and dealers across the country […]

  • 10-05-20
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The importance of hygiene while travelling post Covid-19 and how the world will never be the same again

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept us all off our feet. It was an experience which none of thought would ever be coming our way. From work from home to e-learning, the pandemic has resulted in a complete change in the conventional method of doing things. As the world still battles this deadly disease, we’re sure […]

  • 18-03-20
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The future of Travel Bloggers post COVID-19

Travel blogging as a profession is a fairly new one. It has probably only been 2 decades since people began relying on the internet for suggestions and tips for travelling. There was a significant amount of increase in the number of people who began documenting their travel for others around the world to watch. For […]

  • 18-03-20
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Future of automobile industry post the pandemic

The automobile industry includes two-wheeler, four-wheeler, passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles. In 2018-19, 4.06 million cars were manufactured and at present around 32 million cars run on Indian streets. The two-wheeler segment dominates the industry with a share of 80 per cent. The Indian automotive sector was already struggling before the Covid-19 crisis. It saw […]

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