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Category: EV Charging

  • 18-02-21
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5 Reasons why the energy sector should invest in EV charging

After years of taking advantage of the world’s natural resources, we are now finally moving towards a more sustainable and renewable ecosystem. Many of our gadgets and buildings are powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind energy. When it comes to vehicles, those powered by petrol or diesel are slowly becoming […]

  • 08-12-20
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Bike Rental vs Bike Purchase: The Pros and Cons

“Motorcycles” are a mode of transport that is not only affordable but equally deemed as Zen and hip by people who ride them. The feeling of Zen and the notion of cool and invigorating is miles apart, yet motorcycles have aced in both departments. Motorcycles are up-to-the-minute; bikes are irrefutable. The bike rental services are […]

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