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Easy hacks for motorbike maintenance

  • 01-06-20
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As a motorbike owner, one is always keen on having their vehicle in the best shape. Owning a motorbike is something to be proud of, but is not exactly a hassle-free job. To maximize the output of your motorbike, regular maintenance is necessary. But following a strict maintenance schedule can sometimes be hard and time-consuming. With daily tasks pouring in, it might skip your mind that you need to get your bike serviced. If you are worried about paying huge maintenance costs, knowing a few tips to maintain your bike on your own would come in handy.

Know how your bike works:

The first step towards increasing the lifespan of your bike is to be thorough with its functionality. It helps to run your eyes over your bike from time to time and learn about its little technicalities. Knowing how your bike functions helps in recognizing trouble whenever there is any. This helps in noticing the problem before it becomes a huge potential threat to your bike. By knowing how to fix the minor issues, huge repair costs can be completely avoided.

Keep a check on the brake pads:

Brake pads are the one of the most essential components of your bike. Damaged brake pads might even cost you your life. It is necessary to keep checking on them from time to time and ensure that they have not been overused. The life of your brake pads depends on how long you drive your bike for, and whether you use the brakes properly during driving. Gather information about your bikes braking system to know more about this and be ready in time to change the brake pads. Most brake pads should be changed regularly for a better grip.

Keep your engine running smoothly:

Lubricating your bike regularly is important to keep your engine running smoothly for a longer time. Keep oiling your bike at regular intervals of time to reduce the risk of engine damage or failure. Although the specific oil requirements differ from one model of bike to another, any bike would require an oil change every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. Along with the oil, it is also necessary to keep a check on oil filters to ensure you are getting the lubrication part of it right. Take a note of the odd feeling whenever you feel a difference and check on the oil levels of your bike constantly.

Check your tyres:

For your ride to be safe and efficient, checking the pressure in your tyres at least once in two days is important. Having equal pressure in both tyres helps in achieving superior grip and the right balance. Knowing the structure of your tyres can help in spotting the difference when they are under-inflated or over-inflated. Changing tyres is not very pocket friendly and could cost you a huge amount. Tyres by nature are meant to deteriorate over time, thus always know the age of your tyres. The average lifespan of tyres is considered to be around 5 to 7 years from the date of manufacturing, but this depends on the model of your bike. A regular bike rider might have to change tyres more often when compared to an occasional rider.

Keep a check on the battery:

An important part of your general motorcycle maintenance routine is to keep a regular check on your battery. It is recommended to get a full charge done every 30 days to make every ride a smooth one. Always keep a check on your battery for any leakage and make sure the connectors are fixed properly in place. Most batteries have an expected life span of two years which can be increased if you charge them regularly and don’t leave your bike idle for long. However, some modern batteries are sealed for life and do not need a lot of maintenance.

Check your spark plugs:

The best way to keep your spark plugs running for a long time is by keeping them clean. Thorough cleaning of your bike from time to time will help in avoiding corrosion of important parts. If your motorcycle is constantly misfiring or backfiring at the time of starting it, this may indicate that the spark plugs are not in very good shape. The best way to examine the condition of your spark plugs is by making sure there is no corrosion around the ends. It is advisable to change your spark plugs every 25,000 to 26,000 kilometers.

Take it for a spin often:

If you are an occasional bike rider who probably loves going on long drives once in few months, it is not a good idea to keep your bike idle for a long time. This can cause your bike to breakdown when you need to use it. This is necessary because regular usage of the bike helps in stabilizing oil flow in the engine. If you keep your bike idle for too long, you might be attracting long-term damage to the bearings and seals of your bike. If you let your motorcycle sit for a long time, the battery would get completely drained and not work at the very moment you want it to.

Maintaining your bike is not something only a mechanic can do. By knowing the basic functionality of your bike and by using these tips whenever necessary, you can reduce your visits to the service center. Quickly inspecting your bike regularly doesn’t take a lot of time and it can pay you back tenfold.

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