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Electric Vehicles: The Gateway To An Air Pollution-Free Country!

  • 29-01-21
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Out of the ten most polluted cities in the world, India is home to six of them, the capital being one of the most affected.

An alarming fact!

According to a survey conducted in 2017, air pollution, causing one in every eight deaths in the country is a leading factor of global mortality and morbidity.

In India alone, polluted air claims 1.25 million (approx.) lives every year. Behind these deaths lie urbanization and its ally, automobiles.

So, let me ask you a question here.

Should we let this carry on or should we do something to mitigate its ill effects?

One of the ways to improve the quality of air is to switch from gas to electric-powered vehicles.

Not only do electric vehicles (EVs) reduce air pollution, but they also control climate change to some degree.

Read on to find out how EVs can improve air quality and bring about a significant change to the environment.

They emit fewer gases and pollutants.

Petrol and diesel automobiles are responsible for emitting large percentages of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ¼ of the total hydrocarbon presence in the air, some of the leading contributors to air pollution.

Unlike conventional vehicles, EVs have zero direct or tailpipe emissions and do not release any harmful gases.

The decline in the emission of smog-forming and other pollutants means an improvement in the overall air quality. This fact alone justifies why EVs are a safe replacement for conventional automobiles.

EVs also produce lesser life cycle emissions, unlike gas-powered vehicles.

They emit less heat and minimize the intensity of the Urban Heat Island.

EVs emit roughly a mere 20% of the heat emitted by conventional vehicles.

Reduction of heat means a fall of the Urban Heat Island, the phenomenon where urban areas turn blazing hot during the warmer months.
A decline in the Urban Heat Island Effect means lesser usage of air conditioners.

As we know, urbanization comes with a cost to the environment. Air conditioners, after gas-powered vehicles, is the second biggest contributor to the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Jianguo “Jack” Liu, Director of the Centre for Systems Integration and Sustainability, China said, “It’s easy not to see the big picture on issues like electric cars and global warming, but when we look with a holistic approach, we find these unexpected connections.”

“Heat waves kill, and in terms of climate change, even one degree can make a difference”, he further added.

They further reduce the emission of greenhouse gases

Apart from minimizing the emission of pollution causing substances, you can further reduce the emission of greenhouse gases if you use renewable energy to recharge your EVs.

How and when you charge your EV decides whether you are benefiting the environment, or further harming it.

When you recharge in slow-mode during the off-peak hours, you will reduce the carbon emission. On the flip side, charging in the fast-mode at the times of the day, when the power supply is in great demand will harm the environment instead.

One comforting news is that with the wave of EVs, significantly on the rise, the government of India has taken up measures to curb air pollution in the country.

In April 2017, Piyush Goyal, Ministry of Power, Government of India, declared that by 2030, India would stop the manufacturing and selling of conventional vehicles.

That same year, Nagpur initiated the adoption of electric-driven passenger vehicles- a collaborative venture of Mahindra, Ola and the Indian government.

“It is heartening to see Indian companies such as Ola and Mahindra taking the government’s vision forward and in building a strong ecosystem for sustainable mobility. I look forward to working with them to make the 2030 vision of reducing carbon emission a reality,” stated Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari.

Besides the fact that they are environment-friendly, some other reasons why the importance of EVs are increasing by the day are-

  • From scooters to trucks, EVs do not have gears. All you have to do is ensure you press the right buttons and step on the right pedals.
  • EVs are noise-free due to the absence of engines.

To sum up, switching to EVs means killing two birds with one stone- Less air pollution; No noise pollution.

Though this sounds awesome, EV manufacturers have started implementing false sound systems to alert pedestrians.

  • You no longer need to hit the gas station. Whether it is a quick or an overnight recharge, you can do it conveniently at home. You don’t have to waste extra minutes and hours waiting for your turn to refill your tank because, with EVs, you can plug them in at home, have your meals in peace and head off to work directly without stopping by the station.
Top-Performing Electric Cars in India-
  • Tata Nexon EV
  • Tata Tigor EV
  • Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Mahindra e-Verito
  • Mahindra e20Plus
  • MG ZS EV

I have summed up how EVs may be a panacea to a cleaner, greener and disease-free India. Although the Indian government has taken up steps to wipe off gas-powered automobiles by 2030, it will be more beneficial to you, your children and humanity if you can invest in EVs a few years earlier than the rest of India.

If you are on the fence about whether to go for the conventional vehicle or the trending EVs, going for the latter will be rewarding. The pandemic that we are recuperating from showed us how we had been misusing nature and its affiliates.

Let’s make use of the lesson taught by the outbreak!

Let’s go green, go eco-friendly and practice the adoption of electric vehicles!

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