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Reducing your carbon footprint by driving an EV – Rent one!

  • 18-02-21
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We, as a people on a global scale, are heading into a path which diverges in any of two ways. Firstly, we continue to use fossil fuels for an extended period, which could destroy our environment and potentially cause unnatural amounts of harm to the flora and fauna. The second option is for us to switch to renewable sources of energy which might cost us a bit at this stage, when it’s comparatively new.

However, in the long run, we could be saving ourselves, and the planet, from a lot of issues in the future. This seems like an easy choice, doesn’t it? Thankfully, to some extent, it is. The world is hankering towards renewable sources of energy. Most importantly, we are focusing on the usage of electricity to power our vehicles. Even major automobile manufacturers such as Tesla and Volvo are vying for this sector.

Volvo even stated that every car that they have produced since 2019 has an engine which can be powered through electricity. We need to be more responsible and help reduce our carbon footprint, and electric vehicles can really help us in the fight against global warming and pollution.

No fossil fuels means that emissions can be low

The best part about an electric vehicle such as an electric car or an electric bike is that it uses considerably less energy after being charged. The electric motors present in these vehicles can actually be quite efficient, and in turn, reduce emissions to an all-time low. If there’s no fuel to burn through, there will be less pollution. Some people have already hopped onto the bandwagon and are managing through electric bike rentals.

They can pay an amount monthly, which is much lower than the monthly installments of petrol or diesel powered two-wheeler. Moreover, the connection of the electric bike to the grid means that the saved energy can either be used to power other grid systems or other gadgets in the house or workplace.

Long term production will lead to better emission management

At this particular time, when the electric vehicle market is comparatively new, the production of electric vehicles can release quite a bit of emissions. It is almost as much as a conventional vehicle, if not more. This is because electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries for energy storage; the same as our smartphones. The production of these batteries can emit quite a bit of residue.

However, the submarket of this is the reuse and recycling of old batteries, making this more efficient in the long run. If you give a few years, the manufacture of electric vehicles will be very effective towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles led to cleaner environments and better health

When you are on an electric bike subscription, you end up using about half the money you would use on fuel throughout the year, as compared to conventional bikes. This is just an example. The same can be held true for electric cars. In fact, even if electric vehicles might seem expensive at first go, they are more than likely to make up for this initial deficit through their energy consumption.

Not only is electricity relatively cheaper than fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, but it is also much cleaner. Since it emits fewer pollutants, the health of the very young or the elderly is not compromised either. We all know of cities and certain areas whose polluted environments cause vicious diseases. Electric vehicles may actually help in this regard.

Long term investments will lead to a better return

Before you head off thinking about trying out an electric vehicle with an EV bike lease, hold on. Let us tell you about how you can maximize your return on investment through an electric vehicle. When you buy a conventional car, it is more than likely that you end up getting a new car after roughly three to five years.

Since electric vehicles are built to last longer, you can be sure that investing a bit in them isn’t all that bad! A few of the electric vehicles come with solar panel installations. For those that don’t, it is advisable to get one installed. Although it might cost you a bit at first, these installations can make you break even after a few years. Rest assured, you’re electric vehicle will continue to run, whether it’s through electricity or solar energy!

Flatline the energy needs

When you recharge an electric vehicle, it is advisable for you to know the timings of peak electricity usage in your area. For example, doing it right in the morning isn’t a great idea, as most homes require electricity at the time. Late nights, however, are a great option. You can, of course, just talk and figure out the proper timing for yourself. Once you do, you’ll realize that your car is being recharged and also flattening the demand of electricity, over the period of a day or two.

This means that the electricity can then be utilized throughout the neighborhood for other purposes. Moreover, since it isn’t being used during the peak hours, your charge to cost ratio will also be low. Besides this, you may even be able to add a renewable energy system into the area. It might be small at first, but it can get the job done.

As you can see, bearing in mind these few points, that electric vehicles are truly the future of the world. Conventional cars are more than likely to be removed from the roads within the next few decades. If we can harness the renewable sources of energy, such as electricity and solar power to work at an efficient rate, we might be able to mitigate the issues caused by pollution in different areas. Countries are more likely to become independent of others when it comes to energy, especially in the age of fossil fuels.

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