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The beauty of a Road Trip

  • 18-05-20
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The first thing that comes to mind when plan a vacation with family or friends is the destination. There is an innervoice that reminds us that the farther it is away from home, the more fun it would be. Instantly, we find ourselves checking out train or flight tickets and start planning the dates convenient for everyone.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit us hard, and has put a dampener on all our future travel plans. . Experts are of the view that traveling will not be the same anymore, even after the lockdown is lifted. The “face of” (?)railways and airlines will be changed forever. Airports will not be as crowded anymore, and platforms will be deserted, as “thousands” (why thousands?) would be afraid to travel with the fear of the virus still looming over the world.

But does this necessarily mean that you cannot plan an enjoyable vacation anymore? Is it possible to completely change the way you (maintain consistency) feel about the holidays? The pandemic brings with itself the hope, that we (people) might actually start looking at travel plans differently. If you haven’t yet explored the beauty of traveling by road, now is certainly the opportunity that you could grab.

Traveling by road will not only be safer, but will give you unforgettable experiences that an avid traveler always longs for. Traveling in your own car with your family “of four” (controversial/debatable), or on a cruiser bike with your loved ones or your biker gang, is an experience that is every bit enriching and beautiful in its own way. Even If you decide to travel solo, you are sure to feel like a completely different person by the end of it.

Imagine escaping the town, and venturing on to a peaceful road filled with greens on both sides. No flight or train can beat the breath-taking calmness of a road that feels endless. India is a country blessed with beautiful landscapes, stretching from deep valleys to lush mountains. Even if a road trip might not compete with any “cross-border” (?) trip that you had in mind, it would surely be an experience of its own.
It would take the world a significant amount of time to recover from the “shock” (change to something more suitable) of the virus, and all foreign trip plans stand to be canceled. But there’s nothing “wrong” (?) with this while you “can take control of the wheel” (?) and relive the little joys of life. Exploring the world at its own pace would be a much better mood-lifter, as compared to rushing to catch hasty flights. The truth remains unchanged that we all need a break from our monotonous routine every now and then to escape into an exciting adventure. India is well connected in terms of highways and roads, and offers a lot of potentially incredible holiday destinations that can be accessed easily.

Road trips can often become long and tedious, but there is always good music and great conversations to spice it up. In fact, if you want to catch up with your friends and make memories for life, a road trip can give you that. The most beautiful part of going on a road trip is that you’ll find places that you wouldn’t have known existed otherwise. India especially has an elaborate culture of villages that are sure to leave you mesmerized. “We are also blessed to have agriculture flourishing in most parts of the country which serves to be a treat to the sour eyes.” (why and how is that relevant? And if it is, please explain better.) You instantly feel close to nature as the wind touches your face, and “smell of greenery” (smell of greenery?!) [an assortment of myriad scents fills your senses]. There are also endless options of dhabas and chai spots spread across Indian highways that serve some mouth-watering dishes. Some of The best paranthas of Punjab and the idlis of the south are served in these rural parts of the country, what more can you ask for? Planning a road trip is all about the fun and spontaneity, you can customize your plans as you go along the way, since the road becomes your ultimate destination. “You get to see the world for what it truly is, and venture on to find the deeper meaning of life”(?). You don’t have to dread eating the food on airplanes.

A road trip comes with far lesser restrictions (than?), you don’t have to worry about extra luggage since you can carry everything that fits on your car or hook it onto a bike. You will naturally find yourself traveling light for a road trip; snacks are more important when compared to clothes. You can choose your company, it often becomes a little irritating when you have to interact with the passengers sitting next to you on a train or a flight. But with family, friends, and loved ones, it never gets boring. Planning a road trip is also much more economical. Even if you don’t own a car or a bike there are plenty of dealers across the country who can lease them out to you. The expenditure can be controlled and more amount of money can be spent on food and exploring the towns rather than having to buy expensive tickets. You can go literally anywhere, all you need is fuel, a license, and decent driving skills. A road trip gives you a rare opportunity of meeting new people, the locals of a town who carry a thousand tales to tell.

A road trip is a beautiful reminder that there is so much more to the world than what we get to witness. You get to broaden the horizons of your mind and “seize time for a bit” (?). One thing that you can be certain of is this: you will surely make unforgettable memories, and you will make lots of them. So the next trip you plan, make it a road trip and enjoy as nature slowly unravels its beauty in front of you.
The introduction is very lengthy, which is unnecessary in a small blog. Get to the point quickly.

Present more facts, in detailed explanations, about why road trips are good/better. Comparisons to other modes of travel need to be explained in a more effective manner.

The structure lacks cohesiveness in some places, the shifts from one point to the next need to be more cohesive and smooth, not abrupt.

The ideas are good, presentation can be made better.

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