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The enchanting terrains of India

  • 14-03-20
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India is a land blessed with beautiful climate and the most breath-taking landscapes. There is nothing more interesting than being a zealous biker in India. If we look at the terrain map from different mountain ranges in India, it is sure to cause an adrenaline rush among the enthusiastic bikers in the city. From beautiful ghat roads bordering deep green valleys in the south to hill ranges covered with snow in the North, we have it all. There is no better feeling than the blowing winds slowly caressing your face and your eyes drowning in the splendid beauty of nature surrounding you.

Only a biker would know the excitement of escaping the city hustle and traveling to a place where life seems to be a little slowed down. If you are aiming to become a passionate biker in India, there are some terrains that you definitely have to cover before you are too old to shift gears. There is something our beautiful land has to offer in order to fulfill every traveler’s appetite.

If you are a travel enthusiast living in the Northern part of India, this is possibly the first bike ride that should be in your list. Leh is popularly known as the biker’s paradise, a road to heaven. It is assured that your heart will feel lighter as you make your way across living establishments and slowly escape into the routes of the mountains. The months between April to August are considered the best to explore these terrains when nature is at its best. About 1.5 hours away from Leh lies the Khardung La pass which is possibly the most difficult of all terrain types in India. This route stretches from Leh region in Jammu & Kashmir state in India to Kashgar in China. The height of the Pass located at Ladakh is 5602 meters. The pass being one of the deadliest in India also offers a sense of thrill like no other. At the end of this trip you are sure to become a little more daring and would enjoy life for the beauty that it has to offer.

Mumbai to Goa
Unlike the terrains situated at high altitudes, this little trip is sure to give you a completely different high. Goa is known for its beaches and party culture, as an energetic youngster Goa is always a safe escape when we need a break from the monotony of life. Traveling to Goa by road would be a bonus. The winters are considered the best time to explore this route that is laid across the coastline of South-India. Getting lost in the mystic fog, feeling the sweet chill of winter and relishing the food from small joints en route would be the best NH17 experience that you could ask for.

This terrain will definitely make it to your list of favorites once you’ve travelled through it. It gets you passing through some of the highest villages in the world, beautiful views of the Sutlej River and the snow-capped Himalayan range. The months between April to October are considered the best to travel these roads that are sure to leave you enchanted and asking for more. The Spiti valley is amongst the favorite spots for adventurers and is also considered amongst the most difficult roads to cross in India. Although there are warning signs laid up all across the valley the view of this place is so eye-pleasing that you would find it hard to resist. The spellbinding Spiti Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh in India, is often proclaimed by those who see it to be world within a world and if you are a passionate biker in India, there is no other route that you would possibly want to explore more than this one.

All three destinations are major tourist attractions in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. The best way to learn about the rich rustic lifestyle of the state is by taking a bike ride across it. The lanes are surrounded by age old architecture and establishments that are rich in culture. You are sure to fall a little more in love with your motherland once you’re done exploring the streets of Rajasthan and cutting through it’s warm desert winds. The best time to take this tour would be the months of November to February as the winters are soothing and bearable. Other than the one-of-a-kind experience this route has to offer, another incentive to get you here is the mouth-watering local Rajasthani cuisine that would make you want to take this tour more than once in your lifetime.

Bhalukpng to Tawang
While we talk about the biking terrains of India the regions of Northeast are like a treasure chest that cannot be left unexplored. The ride is a complete package offering the views of the valley, scenic waterfalls, and twisted ghats. While this route is known to showcase the best of this region’s natural vegetation, birds and other flora and fauna, it also proves to be challenging for riders at more places than one. The beauty of this route is so surreal and inspiring that it is sure to change your outlook towards nature. The best time to ride across this terrain is from March to May or October and November since the seasons can get extreme.

India in itself is a land that will never stop to inspire. As an avid bike rider, you would sure want to include all these destinations to your bucket list so that you have some of the best possible experiences to brag about.

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