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The perks of leasing/subscribing a bike over buying one

  • 16-05-20
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Today, we live in a world where a possible problem can have multiple ways of being solved. All we need to do is be informed enough to pick a smarter and better route. If you have ever dreamt of riding a bike, but have also thought of it as a huge investment, it means that you haven’t yet explored the universe of better possibilities. In the modern era, you don’t have to buy a car or bike in order to fulfill your dream of driving one. Automobile businesses have come up with various propositions to help both the customer and themselves be more profitable. If you haven’t heard of the bike leasing/subscription model yet, you’re probably living under a rock which you should get out of and go subscribe to your favorite bike today. Renting a bike is also a solution that exists, but isn’t as long term as the subscription model. There exist a few businesses in India who help customers take a bike on lease for varied time intervals, be it 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. Although this may not be the exact equivalent of owning a bike, it comes with perks that you might miss on if you’re planning on investing heavily in a new one.

The first being that you are offered a variety of choices, which means you don’t have to stick to the same machine for an unprecedented amount of time but can rather keep changing them as per your liking. Some of the leasing companies out there are extremely flexible when it comes to serving the needs of the customers, they ask you for your favorite choice and make it available for your use. Although you might not be the owner of the same bike at the end of the lease, you could explore better and more adventurous bikes which would not have been possible if you bought one instead. What better than getting a feeling of riding a new bike from time to time? If you’re one who loves keeping up with the trends, then you shouldn’t have second thoughts about bike subscription. Isn’t it scary to think of a scenario where you have heavily invested in a cruiser bike because everyone around you is talking about it but a few months later all the focus suddenly shifts to sporting bikes. Would you again go through the hassle of selling your bike for less and again investing in a new one when you would rather just lease one and give it up once it is out of trend.

This option also omits the necessity of taking a loan to buy a bike. The subscribing model is a more convenient and pocket friendly option. If you want to avoid being caught in the loop of taking and paying back loans in your lifetime, this is an option that you should turn to soon. Motorcycle leasing comes to your rescue when you are looking to drive the newest, most impressive bike in the market but paying huge installments seems like a dreadful thing to do. There is nothing that should keep you from cruising on your dream bike since you only live once right? Two wheeler leasing businesses offer you a variety of subscription and leasing plans according to your need of the vehicle. Moreover, dealerships also offer maintenance services for the bike from time to time, which makes it a less tedious job for you. With the daily of hustle of life, it is easy to forget to get your bike serviced from time to time which may lead to incurring a lot of repairing cost at once in a situation where something was to go terribly wrong, hence having someone else to keep a track of your servicing cycle works much better.

This option works best for individuals who are employed in a job where they have to shift cities from time to time and do not really settle down in a single place. In such a scenario, it is obviously not possible for one to buy a new cheap bike every time that they have to relocate. Also it takes a significant amount of money to get your bike shipped from one city to another along with the task of getting it re-registered wherever you go. Here is where the leasing and subscription model comes into play, you can lease a bike for the duration of your stay in one place and once you relocate, you can always subscribe to another one. Many dealerships out there also offer insurance for the bike hence making it a flawless deal.

If you are a biking enthusiast who loves riding superbikes, this model works the best. You could rent a Harley for months, take a tour around the country, come back and then possibly rent a Kawasaki and drive around the city in style.

Unlike car leasing, most motorcycle manufacturers don’t offer leasing programs, though some dealerships do, in addition to leasing companies. However, there are a lot of bike rental apps and websites already existing in the market but there will soon be more apps/websites available for leasing bikes as well. These websites will help you find the nearest dealership around your house and make your bike riding experience a completely hassle free one.

Thus if you are looking to buy a bike soon, there are a lot of things that you should be considering that may end up changing your mind. It is always better to explore all your options and make an informed choice rather than making a wrong one!

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